Téma: I'm just a total sprout and novice

I'm just a total sprout and WOW TBC Gold novice, but I've witnessed a bunch of girls nicknamed Paw's Paws or whatever play instruments in an Tavern. I thought that they were npcs (it's difficult for me to distinguish between players and NPCs). Guess I was wrong and they were real people in some kind of band? Damn. I thought I heard a familiar tune but I just brushed it aside.

Do you know what I would like they could add? the ability to challenge players to cards at any point in the game(players I mean). If they have the ability to win mgp on the gold saucer, it will be very fun to play the game and make our own bets on games. I would love to cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold walk into a dark alley to look for card sharks in search of the game.